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Business Development Manager – France

Franck Lemaitre

Meet Franck Lemaitre, a seasoned professional whose maritime journey has seamlessly transitioned from the adrenaline-fueled world of offshore racing—participating in prestigious events such as the Admiral’s Cup, Maxi Series, Match Racing, and the America’s Cup—to the nuanced realm of insurance. In 2012, Franck made the strategic pivot to the insurance business, driven by an insatiable passion for yachting, racing, and yacht insurance.

With a decade of dedicated experience, Franck Lemaitre has cultivated an unparalleled understanding of the intricacies involved in insuring yachts, particularly in the high-stakes arena of racing. His journey through offshore racing has not only enriched his expertise but also instilled an appreciation for the unique needs of yacht owners and racing enthusiasts.

In his capacity as the Business Development Manager at Fort Insurance, Franck assumes a pivotal role in fostering connections and expanding the horizons of our clientele. His commitment to being ever-available underscores his dedication to meeting the dynamic needs of clients, ensuring a responsive and tailored approach to yacht insurance.

Choose Fort Insurance for a partnership defined by Franck’s wealth of experience, industry insights, and a proactive stance towards business development. In the capable hands of Franck, your yacht insurance needs will not only be met but surpassed, as he continues to provide innovation and client satisfaction.